About Robyn Mathieson...

Since leaving Design School in Wellington in 1986 Robyn Mathieson Design has been through several permutations.
We've now come full circle and returned to our grass roots beginnings with just the one store based in Kilbirnie where we both make and sell our product.

The Kilbirnie store is a place where you can come and be styled, talk about your favourite pieces from other ranges and possibly even get them made again, plus be really close to where the design action is. Our commitment to customer service is ongoing and of utmost importance.

Robyn, who is originally from the deep New Zealand south, brings to her designs a clever, colourful simplicity.  She has a strong eye for creative and innovative fabrics which form the basis of her signature style.  Floral, abstract or geometric, her astute choices celebrate fine quality and outstanding style.  Her love of retro home wares, loud prints and bright colours are always hinted at within her seasonal collections.

The continued respect for quality NZ fashion has encouraged Robyn Mathieson to keep her manufacturing NZ made, a responsibility Robyn feels very passionate about.  Robyn credits her ongoing success to the "absolutely amazing team" at her Kilbirnie Workshop in Wellington and in her store.  "I love coming into my workroom and creating new ranges...there's so much inspiration just being around my team”.

Following her national success at the Smokefree Fashion Awards in both 1997 and 1998, Robyn became a foundation member of the "Wellington Collection" and the "Walk On" series of fashion events in that city.    In 2001 she showed at                                                                             Melbourne Fashion week.

Recent successes for Robyn include the Gong she received in 2012 at the Queen's Birthday Jubilee Celebrations for Services to Fashion.  The official title being an MNZM.
Also both the Auckland and Wellington stores where nominated in the Annual Top Shop Awards and our Wellington Store                                                                            was lucky enough to win!